The Snake Temple of the midwest

There are wizards everywhere. I know it. All different kinds of them.

People don’t think Burroughs was serious when he talked about being the invisible man, but if you do what he says, it works!

Who wants to learn how to be invisible????

Who wants to learn how to be invisible????

pacificrimming said: the moment where you become velma

That moment was a long time ago 


Yeah, I’m a huge fan of the brutal artist Ilya Kuvhinov! I bet you are too! I need to buy some merch from his site, my room would be 1000% more kick-ass!

The moment where you can’t find your glasses and are too blind without them to see them anywhere 


As someone with both Ugly Americans and Monster High on my resume Zombillenium is very much My Jam. If I could just spend the rest of my life neck deep in cartoons about the casual every day lives of monsters I’d die happy (and then probably come back as a reanimated skeleton or something because that’s what I’ll have trained my body to expect after a life of stuffing it with monster cartoons)


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